Our Mission

"Mary Kate's Legacy Foundation is committed to the witness of faith and spirit of giving that inspired all who knew her. The mission of the foundation is to continue the spirit of love and goodness which epitomized the life of Mary Kate Marlow.
The foundation is intended to assist those families of children with special needs; to relieve financial burden and support them with Mary Kate's spirit of hope and love."



CANCELLED due to the uncertain future of Covid-19

Why we do it - Since 1993

We would like to help other families with special needs children free themselves of some of those barriers and improve their quality of life. Our van lift enabled Mary Kate to visit family and friends, go to church or to the mall, go to a park or museum and even on family vacations. These are things we all take for granted.

Mary Kate had an amazing spirit and despite her weak shell she had a great impact on all those who met her. We hope that her spirit will live on through this foundation, but we need your help.

We were blessed to have had Mary Kate in our lives, if only for 11 years. She taught us a great deal about faith, hope, courage, and especially love. To love unconditionally is to see beyond our limitations and help us achieve our true potential. Inspired by her love, we hope to help others reach this goal.

Mary Kates Legacy would like to thank everyone for their generous support. Mary Kate's Legacy Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Come play with us!

Some of the events we hold thoughout the year

A great golf outing every year to help raise money for the children and their families.

Joe Conklin's Christmas in July 5-K Run and Walk. A race for those with special needs.

Joe Conklin Presents: "The City All-Stars of Comedy" A comedy show for charity.