Some of the People We Help

Juliet Belcher

Juliet's lift system given to her from Mary Kates Legacy.


Katrina Moran



Alex Matthews


Oshry Moyal

Oshry Moyal sitting in his new van.

The Moyal's getting comfortable!

Oshry and Alan Tuttle (CHOP) checking out the van.

Sarah Polcino






Cheilin Connor

Tom Marlow and Cherie Debrest from CHOP, present Cheilin Connor with a laptop computer that she will use to do her school work.

Tom and Cheilin Connor with her new computer

Alyssa Fagan

Alyssa Fagan
and the oxygen chamber given to her from Mary Kates Legacy.


Mark Ewing


Mark on his new deck and doorway. More info.



Mason on his new stair lift.


Emily Hicks

Emily enjoying her new stroller

Kieran Stevens

Kieran Stevens enjoying his new life jacket

Kieran, Tami and Jeff Stevens


Julia Porter


Dylan O'Toole

From Southampton PA


Brode Engle